“Changing Hearts for Eternity!”

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers . . .”
I Timothy 4:12

What is a Junior Student Convention?

The Junior Student Convention (JSC) serves three purposes. First, it is to encourage young students to give their hearts to Christ so that they may be with Him in eternity. Secondly, to make a life-long decision to serve Christ by developing their gifts and talents that Jesus Christ has created in them to use for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Finally, the Junior Student Convention is designed to give the young student experience that helps better prepare for the A.C.E. Regional Student Convention.

Who hosts a Junior Student Convention?

The local church ministry or fellowship of ministries organizes, promotes, and conducts their own Junior Student Convention (JSC). This website serves to help promote some of the JSCs around the world (some linked at the right). However, there are more JSCs conducted than what exist on this website. For more information about where you can find a JSC in your area, please contact your local A.C.E. Ministry Representative.

About this website...

This website promotes and hosts the online event registration program for some JSCs. If you are a local Junior Student Convention coordinator or a ministry that is interested in hosting a JSC, go to the Contact Us page to request more information.

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